Why Goat?

GOAT Quality

GOAT quality means our products are great for your skin and for the environment. We never cut corners when looking after our herd.

No Nasties

All our products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, detergents, and artificial colors. Wherever possible, we use natural ingredients that help you clean, moisturize, and protect your sensitive skin. Our babies and kids products use certified organic ingredients to provide an even gentler clean and give you peace of mind.

Ethical & Sustainable

We are committed to only using the highest quality sustainably sourced ingredients and ethical production methods. In particular, we only use certified sustainable palm oil in our soaps. Sustainable palm oil ensures our soap is produced without causing deforestation or harming people and animals. Wherever possible, we source local native Australian raw ingredients. All our products are manufactured in an environment that practices GMP, and our bottles are recyclable.

Cruelty Free

Our raw ingredients and finished products are cruelty free at all stages. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, and our palm oil is sourced from orangutan-friendly environments.

Our goats live in the lush pastures of Gippsland, Victoria, in southeastern Australia and enjoy plenty of sunshine on nice days and protection from the weather during the colder months.

Long-Lasting & Effective

Our products are formulated and made to the highest standards to ensure that the therapeutic benefits of goat milk shine through. Our soaps are triple milled, which ensures the highest purity and consistency of the ingredients. The process also squeezes out excess moisture, creating a soap that lasts longer and doesn’t turn into a puddle in your soap dish.