Award-Winning Skin & Hair Care
Goat Soap Australia

Created a decade ago by an Australian pharmacist eager to help her customers suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin, Goat Soap Australia has quickly become a favorite for Australians seeking natural relief from dry, itchy, and irritated skin. In 2018, Australian consumers voted Goat Soap the Product of the Year in both the Soap and Baby Skin Care categories.

As a family-owned brand, Goat Soap Australia has been deeply committed to bringing the therapeutic benefits of goat milk to the entire family in an ethical, sustainable, and fun way.

Bringing Goat to THE USA
Goat is GOAT

Goat is GOAT was launched in 2021 to bring Goat Soap Australia to the USA.

Our founders were looking for everyday skincare products to help manage their son's eczema-prone skin. They fell in love with Goat Soap during travels to Australia and wondered why high-quality goat milk skincare products were not widely available in the US. A few years of pondering later, Goat is GOAT was born.